Graupner MC-20 HoTT 2,4 GHz

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Graupner 33020 : MC-20 Computer system Graupner HoTT



The set contains:

Graupner HoTT mc-20 microcomputer transmitter with built-in LiPo 6000 mAh transmitter battery, Graupner HoTT GR-24 receiver, 500 mA transmitter charger, update cable, µSD card, aluminium case, hand rests, neck strap, short and long joystick, transmitter strap



Hand-held and tray-type transmitter

The mc-20 HoTT with 12 control functions and a new internal patch aerial enables advanced RC model builders to control nearly any model. The use of the Graupner HoTT 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures high functional reliability through bidirectional communication between sender and receiver, with integrated telemetry, voice output via speaker or headphone output, and ultra-fast controller response times.

The transmitter has a 24-model memory. Programming is done through simplified programming technology with capacitative touch keys. Two high-contrast, 8-line blue-lit graphical displays ensure a perfect display of all parameter settings and telemetry data. It is possible to store telemetry data and expand the model memories on a micro-SD memory card.

USB connector for readout and storage of model memories and for firmware upgrades.




Control function: 12

Temperature range : -15 ... 55 °C

Aerial : Patch

All-up weight, approx.: (incl. strap and retaining clip) 1400 g

Frequency : 2400 ... 2484,5 MHz

Range approx. : 3000 m

Dimensions (LxWxH): 235 (315) x 228 x 66 mm

Charging rate : 400 mA

Operating voltage : 3,4 ... 6.0 V

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