Nauja UGREEN LP260 Nintendo Switch konsolės dėklas juodas Padidinti

UGREEN LP260 Nintendo Switch konsolės dėklas juodas


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Extractable Switch Case
The case was designed for the Nintendo Switch. It provides detailed protection on the inside of the device, and the small thickness makes it possible to dock the console in the charging station without removing it from the case. In addition, the case is designed to create a one-millimeter high hollow space between the screen and its wall, which additionally protects the Nintendo Switch from damage.

Lightweight design and excellent protection
The innovative design of the enclosure allows for the complete protection of your device. The case is slim and lightweight and does not interfere in any way with gaining experience during an important game.
No need to remove the case
The slim design allows you to easily insert the device into the docking station and connect it to the TV. The casing has 2 additional spaces for cards and allows for their safe storage. Now you can easily pull out and reinsert JoyCon with one hand.
Ergonomic handles
The handles on the back of the housing are slightly raised. They fit perfectly into the shape of your hand for comfortable use.
High-quality thin material and excellent case transparency
The case is made of high-quality PC material, which does not fade or yellow for a very long time. Lightweight and durable construction makes it easy to store the device while traveling.

Silicone rubber caps included
The package contains two additional silicone caps for your Switch's joysticks for more comfort while playing.



NameSW Basic Case GS07
Product codeWISWGS07-01
Dimensions242.1 x 103.4 x 30.3 mm

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