Corally Nitro Racing variklis Etor .21 3T


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Team Corally goes Nitro...

For more then 25 years, Team Corally is known all over the world for their innovations and engineering of high-end racing products. Nitro powered racing is popular and we at Team Corally decided to develop a range of high performance nitro products.

The Team Corally engines are engineered following the latest racing trends and making sure that drivers get the power, run-time and reliability they need to be successful.

Developing a good but affordable engine takes a lot of time. We at Team Corally partnered with one of worlds leading engine manufacturers to build this new range of Team Corally off-road racing engines. 

Power Specs:

: 3.45 cc
Bore: 16.26 mm
Stroke: 16.80 mm
Practical RPM: 3.000 - 40.000 RPM
Power Output: 2.68 PS
Ports: 3 Ports
Cranckshaft: 14 mm
Glow Plug: Turbo Type
Weight: 350 g

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