AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless
  • AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless
  • AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless
  • AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless

AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless

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AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless

AXI 2220/12 V2 Brushless

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The high quality and performance of AXI 22xx V2 motors meant that they were a perfect base for development of the new AXI 2220/xx GOLD LINE. New small and powerfull motor AXI 2220/12 GOLD LINE V2 with rotating case is suitable for aerobatic models up to 1100g and for light sailplanes up to 1300g. Hardened steel Shaft have 4mm diameter and is supported by two large ball bearings wich ensure very good mechanical stability.

Thanks to using newest materials this motors achieve in their weight category extremely high efficiency and high load possibility. AXI GOLD LINE V2 with the high quality of manufacturing, reliability and performance are the best outrunners available in the market. A feature of the AXI design is provision for radial mounting (see picture). Delivered as standard radial mount set includes: mounting flange, propeller adaptor, securing collar, and screws.

Supply voltage LiXX cells: 2 - 3 ; RPM/V [RPM/min/V]: 1200 ; Nr. of turns: 12 ; Internal resistance [mOhm]: 39.1 ; No load current [A]: 1.5 ; max. effenciency [%]: 87 ; Max. efficiency current (η>75%) [A]: 20 - 28 ; Max. peak current (60 s) [A]: 40 ; Max. power [W]: 450 ; Diameter [mm]: 27.7 ; Lenght [mm]: 37.9 ; Shaft diameter [mm]: 4 ; Weight [g]: 87 ; Nr. of poles: 14 ; ESC [A] : 30 ; Sailplane up to Weight [g]: 1300 ; Trainer up to Weight [g]: 1200 ; Acrobat up to Weight [g]: 1100 ; 3d up to Weight [g]: 900

Powering LiXX cells2 - 3
RPM/V [ot./min/V]1200
Turn count12
Internal resistance [mOhm]39.1
Open-circuit current [A]1.5
Max. efficiency [%]87
Max. efficiency current (η>75%) [A]20 - 28
Max. peak current (60 s) [A]40
Max. power [W]450
Diameter [mm]27.7
Length [mm]37.9
Shaft diameter [mm]4
Weight [g]87
Poles count14
ESC [A] 30
Weight of glider (up-to) [g]1300
Weight of trainer (up-to) [g]1200
Weight of acrobat (up-to) [g]1100
Weight of 3D (up-to) [g]900
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