HPI TF-41 / RF-41WP 2.4GHZ

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Use the comfortable and feature-packed HPI TF-41 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence when controlling your car or truck kit! The HPI TF-41 radio system uses the latest digital 2.4GHz radio technology to give you trouble-free, total control of your RC car. This is a fully-featured, lightweight, 3-channel radio with advanced ergonomic features and total adjustability. Thanks to its crystal-free 2.4GHz technology, you will be able to confidently drive with your friends without worrying about things like frequencies or radio conflicts, and the waterproof RF-41WP receiver allows you to take your RC vehicle anywhere you can dream!

The advanced features of the TF-41 let you set the radio up for your car with custom settings like servo reversing, centre trim, end point adjustments, dual rate and more. Only 4 AA batteries are required to power the TF-41, so it's light in your hands, and the drop-down steering wheel makes it comfortable to hold. With the adjustable, built-in failsafe feature, you will be protected just in case the radio transmitter loses its connection with the receiver.

TF-41 Radio Set Features

Digital 2.4GHz technology
Waterproof RF-41WP receiver with failsafe feature
Automatic frequency-hopping design finds channels without interference
Run your HPI kit with other drivers without worrying about frequencies!
Adjustable built-in failsafe
3 channel
Drop-down steering wheel design for improved comfort and racing feel
Servo end point adjustments for steering and throttle
Servo reversing
Steering dual rate

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